JOC successfully operates in various fields. The Group exports textile and garments, gifts, pet products, mechanical, electrical and generating equipment,chemicals...
JOC owns many well-known brands, such as “SINOPET” for pet products, which include pet chews, pork hide twists, green bones and chicken tenders, etc
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Jiangsu Overseas Group Corporation (JOC) is a leading export and import enterprise in Jiangsu province, one of the most economically developed region in East China. JOC trades chemicals, electrical and mechanical equipment, metals, building materials, consumer goods, textiles, pet products, etc. with partners worldwide.
In the past 30 years of international trade, JOC has built her international reputation on the principle of “Honor, Professionalism, Quality”. In 2014, JOC’s total value of export reached 476 million US dollars, and import (including medical equipment, infrastructure and transportation items, raw materials, etc.) 1214 million US dollars. Read More
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